White Ink Tattoos for Men

white-ink White ink Tattoos Designs We’ve watched generations indulging in body art making it a part of their style especially a practice as common as tattoos. Painting a part of the body to express beliefs, inspirations and desires has always been a popular choice. Today body art like tattoo making has taken a whole new turn as a new concept sets a trend – white ink tattoos. Using UV white ink, the tattoo is drawn into the skin leaving behind invisible marks. Depending upon the skin tone, the intensity of the tattoo varies. Pale and precise, the tattoo blends with the skin and appears clearly under natural light. You’ll come across many magazines featuring white ink tattoos for men since it has become a leading trend today. The unique style creates a statement of its own and is ideal for individuals who prefer modesty.

What is a White Ink Tattoo?








A tattoo that uses white pigmentation giving it an attractive and sophisticated finish is a white ink tattoo which is very different from customary tattoo making. While most people prefer a little splash of color, white ink is a subtle and modest body art form. The concept of using white ink is a reticent stroke that has captured the attention of many. A lot of men are considering white ink tattoos because of its simple design which results in a light scar that appears on the skin. People who wish to be a little different from the ordinary crowd prefer a white ink tattoo especially since it emphasizes on personal statements and expressions.
white-ink white-ink


Why are White Ink Tattoos that popular?
A lot of celebrities adorn white ink tattoos and because it is hardly visible, very few have yet been spotted by paparazzi. While an ordinary tattoo requires a sharp needle injected with the colored pigment that is pierced into a few deep layers of the skin, a white skin tattoo doesn’t pierce too deep within the dermis. This is done so that the latter appears similar to a scar having a distinct pattern. The subtle nature of such tattoos makes it a remarkable form of body art that inscribes one’s beliefs without facing contradictions within the social circle.
White Ink Tattoos  for Men – What’s so Different?
We know for a fact that unlike women, the opposite gender prefers being discrete especially if it is a fashion statement. You’ll come across a number of men who prefer white ink tattoos over normal tattoos because of its simple design and subtle foundation. While old fashioned tattoos are loud and noticeable, white ink tattoos are often overlooked from afar. Such an art form requires skilled artisans and cannot be implemented by novice tattoo artists. Years of experience in body art allows professionals to make use of sterilized needles that is filled with water and which draws blood out from where the design passes over the skin.



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